Flat Rock Studio Executes an Agreement with Catalyst Productions

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Catalyst Productions and Flat Rock Studio announced an agreement to further expose and facilitate filmmaking in the region. The agreement calls for Catalyst Productions to fully engage with filmmakers across the globe to bring projects to the 180,000-square-foot facility and 80-acre campus.

Catalyst Productions, based in Columbus, Georgia, is a creator-focused film and TV production company with projects already slated to use Flat Rock for 2023 and beyond. “This was an obvious move for us as we were looking for a strategic home for our productions and a space to build a studio,” said John Mock, Co-founder and CEO of Catalyst Productions. “In meetings with Flat Rock Studios, we discovered an opportunity to move into a fantastic, turn-key facility and formally partner our skill set with Flat Rock to operate, manage, and market the studio.”

Flat Rock Studio encompasses over 80 gated and fenced acres and includes state-of-the-art facilities with two adaptable sound stages, two workshops, set design/storage area, and ample adjoining production suites, offices, and workstations in a single 180,000-square-foot facility. Combined with a substantial backlot and outdoor setting for additional filming needs, Flat Rock Studio is self-contained, efficient, and private.

“We are extremely excited to partner with the team at Flat Rock Studio to create a truly boutique studio experience for filmmakers around the world to come to Columbus. We want them to have a home to create stories that matter,” Mock continued.

“With Catalyst Productions based in Columbus, we felt there was a unique opportunity for them to be able to fully utilize Flat Rock Studio for projects of their own, while still keeping the studio available for other productions,” said Pace Halter, President of W. C. Bradley Real Estate, owner of Flat Rock Studio. “Catalyst Productions maintain strong connections to filmmakers in Los Angeles, New York, and other creative hotspots which we believe will allow for even more opportunities for success here in Columbus.”

“Prior to relocating our company to Georgia, we have been working and shooting in places like Pennsylvania, California, and Hawaii,” said J. Penberth Rabold, Co-founder of Catalyst Productions and Chief Creative Officer. “When we discovered the opportunity to move our projects into Flat Rock, it uncorked an even bigger opportunity for us to actually get inside the studio and market to our contacts to bring ongoing projects to the region.”

Catalyst is partnering with Stephen Emery, a 20-plus year entertainment industry veteran in both film and television with dozens of high-concept, character-driven film credits across all genres to his name. “I’m thrilled to collaborate and create with great partners who share the same vision for growth and innovation,” Emery said. “Studio space around the globe is at a premium and advances in production in our industry continue to astound me. We aim to be the next great destination for filmmakers around the world.”

“Stephen brings an unrivaled passion for high-quality storytelling and filmmaking to the team. We are beyond thrilled to have him onboard,” Mock said.

John and J. Penberth are joined by Alayna K. Mock, Chief Vision Officer, and Shannon Rabold, Head of Production and Education, as the founders of the company. Catalyst Productions brings a combined 40-plus years of content creation experience and is driven by developing thought-provoking projects that create a conversation around the truths of the world we live in. As stated in their tagline, Catalyst makes, …stories that matter by people who matter,” – stories that challenge audiences to discover the greatness within and to live for something greater than themselves.

For more information about Catalyst Productions, visit www.catalystory.com. To learn more about Flat Rock Studio, visit www.flatrockstudio.com.

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