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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - If you’re looking for a hotel for a “stay-cation” or hoping to try out a new restaurant this year, a local company is planning to give you both.

The W.C. Bradley Company announced its newest hotel coming to Uptown Columbus.

The best way to describe this new hotel, called Hotel Indigo, is to say it’s based around Columbus’ neighborhood story. Everything from the artwork to the staff’s uniform will be inspired by the city’s history.

“Arguably, the Indigo is one of the premier boutique hotels,” said Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson.

“This is, I call it over the top nice,” said Brian Sillitto from the Chamber of Commerce.

The $30 million project, right on the Chattahoochee River, will be seven stories with more than 100 rooms, and a ‘farm-to-table’ restaurant.

“Last but not least, the rooftop bar is going to be the place to meet and the place to be,” said Marc Olivié, president and CEO of the W.C. Bradley Company.

“No two Indigo’s are exactly alike because they reflect the neighborhoods they are in. So, that’s exciting.” Anytime you can preserve a little bit of that history in this community, that is an awesome thing,” said Henderson.

“What’s cool about it is it tells that story of Columbus,” Sillitto added. “It immerses the visitor in some of that rich history that we have, but it also incorporates something new. This new concept of a rooftop on the river is very unique and I think it’s going to be very special.”

What’s different about Hotel Indigo is its focus on the community, the design, and structure all tying back to the culture of Columbus.

“We use the neighborhood story as the basis and the foundation for all of the design,” said Meredith Latham, vice president of Hotel Indigo globally. “All of the experiences the guests will have, the way the hotel team is dressed, the type of food and beverage that is served in the hotel, every single element is curated based on this neighborhood story.”

“It is focused on Columbus, Olivié said. “So it has a lot of historic references to what Columbus is all about.”

“So, it’s all about everything local,” said Pace Halter, the president and CEO of W.C. Bradley Real Estate. “It’s about the history of Columbus and all aspects of that history. So, it’s very different. It’s also a cool, fairly hip, trendy hotel, unlike anything that is in Columbus, which is important to us. We wanted something new and different.”

“It’s amazing to be part of a project like this that both honors the history of the Uptown Columbus area and also the natural resource of the Chattahoochee,” Latham said.

This hotel brings the expected number of hotel rooms in Uptown from under 200 to just about 700 with options for everyone.

“Tourism is economic development,” Sillitto said. “And this just speaks volumes to the bright future Columbus has.”

As of Wednesday, crews are working on pouring the concrete on the third floor of the hotel.

“We’re on schedule to open this hotel before the end of the year,” Halter said.

Here are some of the rendered photos to show you what to expect:

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